Kompu Gacha (kampuガチャ), McDonald’s Is In, Are You?



The Japanese Police “Gacha”

If you are an Agency or a Brand and missed the recent decision in Japan to outlaw “Kompu Gacha” and thought nothing of it (or heard of it), well, think again.

Tyler York explains:  Kompu gacha, or “complete gacha”, is a system that strongly incentivizes the gacha monetization method. Gacha is similar to a prize vending machine at a carnival: you pay a small amount of money to receive an item at random. Kompu gacha expands on this mechanic by offering players an extremely valuable grand prize for completing a set of gacha prizes. Since the gacha prizes are awarded at random, it’s very hard to get these grand prizes.

Basically, it’s the lottery, and it’s not legal in the US and many other countries worldwide.  Yet, McDonald’s seems to pull this off every year through their Monopoly game.  To be fair, they allow users to “write in” for free game pieces, making the game a contest rather than a lottery.  But really?  Does anyone ever write in for the free game pieces?  McDs knows all to well that they “Gacha” when you roll into their fine dining establishment and buy that Happy Meal for one more chance to get Boardwalk… (stupid pun, but had to)

Well, they are smart, and it works, and brands who want to make mobile their home should incorporate this game mechanic.  It is simple, proven and addicting – like any good game.

The initiation can be as simple as a mobile tweet, SMS or NFC campaign, insert “Great Prize X” and multiple “Pretty Good Prizes Y through Z” and you’ve got an addictive, virtual reward, mobile campaign.  And, if you really want to get crazy, build in a skill-based promotional betting module (legal in all but 4 US States) and you’ve got a hyper-powerful, socialized and gamified mobile platform.



Why Gamify? Because people deploy game mechanics in non-game based applications every day.  We have ringtones to achieve status, we use our American Express Cards to level up for “cool things”, and we become members of the million mile clubs just to use the lounges.  Our lives utilize ‘gamification’ mechanics every day, and this has been true since the dawn of mankind.  Why Gamify? intends to break down non-traditional applications and introduce leaders in these fields to comment on what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and their best guess for the future of ‘gamification’ in their fields.  Why Gamify? intends to bring together their insight on how ‘gamification’ and new technology will impact the way the average individual, teacher, business leader, entertainer, athlete, student and beyond thinks about ‘gamification’ in their lives.




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