Mobile Ads Suck! The Future is Gamifing Mobile Ads

Banksy Banner

Banksy Banner

Mobile Theory, 4th Screen, Facebook Mobile Ads, give me a break.  The ad value is dropping as the banner becomes the only model.  It’s the wrong time to push a terrible model from the web to mobile like so many companies have tried.  It’s the same mantra..

CEO:  We need a mobile ad strategy

Mobile Guru:  Yes master, no problem, we’ll build an app and layer in full screen banners ads, the users are going to love ’em.

CEO:  Great, apps are the best, right?

Mobile Guru:  Sure, and we can cross promote with Angry Birds or something and really drive sales.

CEO:  How?

Mobile Guru:  You know, banners, everyone clicks on them and then we extend our brand through a mobile ecosystem driving retention and ROI while shaping our social footprint for future campaigns via word-of-mouth extended through viral BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..

CEO:  I have no idea what you said, but let’s go for it…

My favorite is when you get articles written by Value Click – – that speak volumes of the business.  Of course they are going to write articles and hide any negative facts, user experience, etc.  The article discusses how full screen banner ads on mobile are X amount more interactive.  Can you imagine the user experience?  What is worse is that they have the cajones to put an ad in on their press release for one of their divisions, Greystripe.

“To integrate Greystripe’s SDK in only a few simple steps, visit:”

I’m sparring you the opportunity to click on the link since i’m not supporting this embarassment.

To compound the issue, Romney, of all people, is trying to get “in touch” with the American people by delivering full screen ads through iad:

Romney iAd Coming To Haunt You

Romney iAd Coming To Haunt You

Ouch, this one has to hurt as users open their favorite story, game or app to get that punch in the face.  Really, no gamification?, no compelling mission?, no leveling system?  Just a black and white image with the standard Twitter, Facebook and G+ logo in case you feel the urge to Tweet, Post or do whatever G+ does with the ad.  Give me a break, socializing a crappy banner ad?  Really Zac Moffett? – Here’s a quote from Zac…

“Zac Moffatt, the Romney campaign’s digital director, believes that people will “spend more time” with the iAds and said that the campaign will be experimenting with the mobile push leading up to the Republican convention in August. The camp is also using Google’s mobile network to get information to Android users, effectively covering the entire smartphone market.”  ( )

I love how he says people will “spend more time” with the iAds – What he means is that people will spend more time looking for the little X to delete out of the obnoxious ad that they never asked for.

It’s simple, gamify the mobile ad expereince through unique missions, badges, and value to the user to create a true “gamified” exchange between both participants.  Until now few companies have done this.  Just ask Facebook how it’s going for them.



Why Gamify? Because people deploy game mechanics in non-game based applications every day.  We have ringtones to achieve status, we use our American Express Cards to level up for “cool things”, and we become members of the million mile clubs just to use the lounges.  Our lives utilize ‘gamification’ mechanics every day, and this has been true since the dawn of mankind.  Why Gamify? intends to break down non-traditional applications and introduce leaders in these fields to comment on what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and their best guess for the future of ‘gamification’ in their fields.  Why Gamify? intends to bring together their insight on how ‘gamification’ and new technology will impact the way the average individual, teacher, business leader, entertainer, athlete, student and beyond thinks about ‘gamification’ in their lives.

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