Skylander’s “Gamifies” The 2 Year Olds

Ask any 2 year old today and they’ll tell you they’ve been hoodwinked by the brilliance of Activision’s Skylanders.  It’s incredible what the genius’ over at Activision have come up with – the blending of the toy and video game industry into a simple, manageable package.

According to, Skylanders has sold just under $200 Million at retail since October of 2011.

“To put that in context, it puts Skylanders in the top 10 properties during that timeframe in terms of revenue generated at retail,”   (  )

Pairing video games with toys has always been a long shot, but Skylanders seems to manage doing it perfectly, and in a down video game economy.

It works because it gives the kids a chance to collect both physically and digitally and parade their achievements where it counts most – the schoolyards.  Families can “co-own” the creatures which enables community in the household.  And, most importantly, it allows the little 2 Year olds to play with their older brother or sisters.

The 2 year old has been “gamed” and it will surely change the way brands look at the physical toy marketplace.  I can see the Hasbro’s and Matell’s of the world scrambling now as the VP’s of product scream down the hallways –

“Why doesn’t Barbie have a Teleporter”


Why Gamify? Because people deploy game mechanics in non-game based applications every day.  We have ringtones to achieve status, we use our American Express Cards to level up for “cool things”, and we become members of the million mile clubs just to use the lounges.  Our lives utilize ‘gamification’ mechanics every day, and this has been true since the dawn of mankind.  Why Gamify? intends to break down non-traditional applications and introduce leaders in these fields to comment on what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and their best guess for the future of ‘gamification’ in their fields.  Why Gamify? intends to bring together their insight on how ‘gamification’ and new technology will impact the way the average individual, teacher, business leader, entertainer, athlete, student and beyond thinks about ‘gamification’ in their lives.

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