3D Virtual Shopping Will Be Like A Social Game

Shoppers and Social Gamers share the same psychology;

1.  Interaction with peers – Most shoppers, like social gamers, bring friends with them to shop or “share” their personal stories with the clerks or employees. 

2.  Stress Relief – Both shopping and social games allow for a stress release 3.  Addiction – Both shoppers and social gamers suffer from an “addictive” trait.

3.  Vanity – “Leveling Up” and “Looking Good” co-exist.  It’s a status symbol which screams “Hey look at me”.  Achievement and social status fit into the same category.

3D Virtual World’s will lead the “shopping gamification” revolution in the near future.  The “world’s” will change the way users purchase through new media platforms.  The product reviews via a poorly produced YouTube video or 140 character tweet will be replaced with humanoid 3D avatars ready to engage in real-time product demos, answer questions via in an avatar based UI, and earn points for the shoppers as they browse.

In a recent article from Techcrunch (http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/18/web-of-games/) it states;

Gamification will accelerate the movement from physical to online solutions.  Already, we read about vanishing shopping malls being replaced by online shopping, but as websites that sell goods and services become games rather than content sites (and this is already happening), the trend away from buying at bricks-and-mortar stores will accelerate dramatically unless we can make shopping more fun

The transition from 2D to 3D shopping will take over the new media shopping landscape..  More posts to come on the leaders in 3D shopping and Gamification.


Why Gamify? Because people deploy game mechanics in non-game based applications every day.  We have ringtones to achieve status, we use our American Express Cards to level up for “cool things”, and we become members of the million mile clubs just to use the lounges.  Our lives utilize ‘gamification’ mechanics every day, and this has been true since the dawn of mankind.  Why Gamify? intends to break down non-traditional applications and introduce leaders in these fields to comment on what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and their best guess for the future of ‘gamification’ in their fields.  Why Gamify? intends to bring together their insight on how ‘gamification’ and new technology will impact the way the average individual, teacher, business leader, entertainer, athlete, student and beyond thinks about ‘gamification’ in their lives.

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