Coke Creates A Physical Game 1+1=Millions of smiles

#WhyGamify? Watch this Video (

Coke “gamified” a vending machine using influencers to drive exploration.

Influencers (the people who had the guts to press the button while standing on someone’s back) – help give confidence to the Explorers (the one’s who want to explore the situation but waited to see if someone would go first.)

The campaign is simple, inexpensive and produces a powerful branding message brought on by ‘gamification’ tactics.  Players must work together to produce a goal or reward – in this case, a couple of Cokes.   The video has already become a minor “meme” and will most likely grow as more and more users pass it around.

Now, if this was done in the US, the real game would be in court where lawyers would be working against each other in a lawsuit…  But that’s for another post.

About Why Gamify?

Why Gamify? Because people deploy game mechanics in non-game based applications every day.  We have ringtones to achieve status, we use our American Express Cards to level up for “cool things”, and we become members of the million mile clubs just to use the lounges.  Our lives utilize ‘gamification’ mechanics every day, and this has been true since the dawn of mankind.  Why Gamify? intends to break down non-traditional applications and introduce leaders in these fields to comment on what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and their best guess for the future of ‘gamification’ in their fields.  Why Gamify? intends to bring together their insight on how ‘gamification’ and new technology will impact the way the average individual, teacher, business leader, entertainer, athlete, student and beyond thinks about ‘gamification’ in their lives.


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1 Response to Coke Creates A Physical Game 1+1=Millions of smiles

  1. Nick Kellet says:

    Great idea. Like a real world video game challenge where players get to discover how to play the game, simply by trying.

    Your comment made me laugh.

    My first reaction was Lawsuits.

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