Why Gamify?

Socrates discussed it, your high schools drilled it into your psyches, American Express mastered it, your ringtones deployed it, the social new media explosion “greased it’s wheels”, and now “IT” is everything…

The question Why Gamify? is because with out ‘Gamification’, you will find yourself, your business and today’s new social world order lost in the mobile and web 3.0 abyss.

Todays Consumers are screaming ME…ME…ME

What is in it for me?  What do I get of this? I’m tired of handing out my information, give me something in return!!!… The modern consumer has created a new deal with the brands, artists, entertainment and virtually every other entity out there – “Reward Me and I’ll stay, Ignore Me and you’ll pay”

Meaning, “if you don’t suck up to my wants as a consumer, i’m moving on”.  This migration from brands and entertainment happens at lighting speed with today’s new media savvy consumers.  Brands and products who understand ‘Gamification’ in their marketing and business tactics will succeed.

Why Gamify?

The Why Gamify? blog will attempt to disect and desconstuct current programs, campaigns, celebrities, companies and brands along with non-traditional entities that apply ‘gamification’ in their daily outreach.  Below is a video by Gabe Zicherman who outlines ‘gamification’ in practices beyond the standard fields and offers some amazing insight at last years Google Tech Talk.  The presentation is close to an hour long, but it nails todays need for companies, creatives, politicians, teachers, entreprenuers and social taste makers to take notice.

Jonas Hudson, Global Digital Syndication

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